WinFleet modules include the possibility to connect the system directly to Legal Entity Systems, as ANIA and INAIL, to provide and manage flows and direct call (web services) requested to manage Motor Liability Products. The system provide also web services for access by external system (e.g. to check coverage and policy data and manage claims in external system, to calculate premium and to save quote and policy from external system and so on). WinFleet is born as a system to manage  Motors group policy but is also be used to manage individual policy, both Motors and other types (e.g. personal accident, legal expenses, medical). Click here for more information
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WinFleet is the name our product assume when is used to manage policies and/or claims for Motors products (both Motor vehicle liability and others coverages). There are many different mode to use the system : it can be used as an Insurance Company System or as an Interface System (between partners and Insurance Company or TPA) or as a supplementary system when the master system (e.g. Insurance Company System) doesn’t support all necessary process.